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Personal post—new addition to the family

This morning, both my boyfriend and I were released from the hospital and again this 4th, London and I went to visit her dad, who died for our country, and took her little sisters to sing to him with us. On our way home we found a puppy being scooted across the street on her booty by another dog. Bryce got out the car [on crutches] and got the poor animal. It didn’t have tags or anything and was hit by a car and she looks like she hasn’t been fed, given water, or loved in many days, in fact you could tell she had a collar and looked as if someone let her go. We were told we could revive her ourselves or bring her to a shelter to see what they could do, so now I have a new puppy!

She’s wonderful, perfect, and she’ll be strong one day. It may take a few thousand dollars, but I want to see her run and be the hyper little lab I know she is. I have no regrets taking her in either. We made her an Italian baby too. She’s got an Italian name, she was fed Italian style, and she’s being raised in my Italian home. Happy 4th of July(:

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Hey everybody! Long time no see. Like some of you, I have a very busy summer working three jobs and visiting 32 states (I’ve been to 8 so far), but while the residents of different states welcome me, I would like to welcome my 20 newest followers!

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Have a great summer everyone!

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I’m really sorry you guys!

My boyfriend’s had heart trouble again and just had surgery and can’t do anything by himself so I’ve been taking care of him. My best friends (the LSU baseball team) really needed some support to get to the college world series in Omaha and I’ve been with them. I didn’t mean to neglect y’all! So anything I can do to apologize to you, let me know! Also, thanks for all the sweet messages asking if I’m okay! I’m fine and I’m so happy to know I’m supported and loved by my followers(:

10 months ago
Today Americans celebrate Memorial Day. To some that means 40% off at their favorite department stores, to others it means a day off work or school to spend with friends, family, or themselves. To me it means a day to spend with my best friend her family celebrating the man who was basically a second father to me. He was killed two years ago while off on duty leaving behind a wife, a 14 year old, and 8 year old, a 2 year old, and a 14 year old that wasn’t his daughter, but he treated like one. I’d do anything to have him back, but his pride to be an American was outstanding and he was willing to leave his family to fight for a better life for his three daughters. It’s finally the time when his now 4 year old can understand the bravery and love of country her father had, and it’s beautiful to hear her say, “Daddy’s my hero. I want to be like him when I’m big”. So today, while we are putting flowers at the grave of Mr. Matt and thinking of my uncle Gary, please thank/hug a soldier today or at least reflect on how important they are. We wouldn’t be here without them. 
To all uniformed people in the Miami area: My friend and I are buying groceries and gas for you as a small thank you! Come stop buy and see us!